Sports Medicine

Grand Traverse Manual Therapy

TC Manual Therapy, owner and bodywork professional. Penny Nelson, ATC, specializes in sports therapy, myofascial release, dynamic stretching and physical rehabilitation.

In depth, one on one sessions.

Equine and canine physical therapy.

Located on East 8th St in Traverse City at Murphy Chiropractic.

Gaia Nesvacil - Flower Grower, mother

A few years back, Gaia Nevascil met Penny Nelson and discussed with her that she’d been having a hard time getting pregnant. When Gaia came in for a session, Penny used her powers of observation and judicious use of Myofascial Release techniques over Gaia’s uterus. A month later, Gaia was pregnant with her daughter Elka, now nearly three years’ old. Gaia tells the story herself in the following video. Gaia’s testimony